SR 198 & SR 190 Travel Time Study

Tulare County Association of Governments (TCAG) contracted TJKM to conduct a Travel Time Study for State Route 198 (SR 198) and State Route 190 (SR 190). The objective of the Travel Time Study is to collect travel time data that will aid TCAG and its member agencies in prioritizing and developing projects to improve congestion within Tulare County.

Travel time data are collected for a variety of applications and analyses. Travel time-based measures can be used in transportation planning, design and operations, and evaluation. Some applications of travel time study results include:

 Develop transportation policies and programs
 Perform needs studies or assessments
 Rank and prioritize transportation improvements
 Evaluate transportation improvement strategies
 Input/calibration of planning models
 Calculate road user costs for economic analyses
 Develop historical database of traffic conditions
 Input/calibration of traffic models
 Traveler information
 Establish/monitor congestion trends
 Congestion management/performance measurement
 Identify congestion locations or bottlenecks
 Measure effectiveness and benefits of improvements
 Communicate information to the public
 Research and development