Kings River bridge completed

The Avenue 416 Kings River Bridge project is part of the overall project to widen Mountain View/Avenue 416 from 2 lanes to 4 lanes from State Route 99 in Fresno County to the City of Dinuba in Tulare County to the east. The bridge project is essentially the first phase of the widening of this corridor, which consists of constructing a new state of the art 4 lane bridge to the north of the existing narrow two lane bridge. The existing bridge required extensive seismic retrofits as well as widening to meet current design codes and funding requirements, making replacement of the existing structure the most economical and preferred alternative. The new structure will be supported by 6-foot diameter CIDH piles that are approximately 120- feet deep constructed with casing oscillator technology. The project team developed a set of construction contract documents that incorporated the requirements of the many regulatory agencies involved, including special provisions for humane bat eviction, arundo eradication, site re-vegetation, temporary water diversions, constructing during the flood season, waterway warning signs, and the incorporation of replacement bat habitat in the design of the new bridge. The design of the new bridge also includes some aesthetic elements that will result in a simple, yet beautiful structure for the residents of Tulare County when complete!

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