Farmersville Roundabout Ground Breaking

This project entails two closely-spaced roundabouts at the SR 198 Eastbound & Farmersville intersections located to the south of SR 198.  The Roundabouts will serve as the gateway entrance into the City from SR 198, the main east-west highway in the Central Valley.  There are a number of commercial businesses (restaurants, gas stations, and small retail) visible from the highway and accessed via Noble Avenue.  Future developments also planned on a number of vacant sites in the immediate area, including a shopping center with a full-size grocery store and industrial park.  The roundabouts will increase capacity at the interchange by improving traffic flows at the intersections.

When compared to two-way stops, all-way stops, and traffic signals, roundabouts result in : 35% reduction in all accidents, 76% reduction in injury accidents, 90% reduction in fatal accidents.

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