Cartmill Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

The Cartmill Interchange is partially opening! Today TCAG and Tulare celebrated the Cartmill Ribbon Cutting together with the community.  The Cartmill interchange expanded Cartmill street to six lanes and prepares the interchange for future development in the area, and better connects the area to the Outlet malls nearby. The project was funded by Tulare City’s proposition 1B ($7 million) and Tulare County’s Measure R ($15.3 million), and was designed by OMNI-MEANS in Visalia.

Guest attendance was around 100+ today, with guest speakers featuring Tulare Mayor David Macedo, Tulare Council Member Maritsa Castellanoz, Tulare Supervisor Supervisor Pete Vander Poel III, TCAG Supervisor Phil Cox, & TCAG Director Ted Smalley.

  • DSC_0012
    New Cartmill Bridge
  • DSC_0013
    Cake celebrating the event
  • DSC_0014
    TCAG Direct Ted Smalley (left) and Supervisor Pete Vander Poel III (right)
  • DSC_0015
    Tulare Police
  • DSC_0072
    A drone flies overhead
  • DSC_0025
    Dinuba District Supervisor (far left), County District 4 Chairman Steve Worthly (second from left), Connie Conway, & Council Member District 5 Craig Vejvoda, and local pastor on right.
  • DSC_0097
    Mayor David Macedo (left), Sharon Allison-Crook (middle) & Supervisor Pete Vander Poel III (right)
  • DSC_0035
  • DSC_0084
  • Cartmill Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
    Tulare staff member Darlene Thompson (background) stands next to the new plaque dedicated to the bridge.
  • DSC_0042
    TCAG Chairman Phil Cox
  • DSC_0068
    District 2 Council Member Maritsa Castellanoz