Triennial Performance Audit Released

The 2014 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) was adopted by the TCAG Board in June 2014. The RTP is a 26-year planning document that guides the development of the transportation system in Tulare County. A major addition to the RTP is a Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS) that puts together a land use and housing scenario that will reduce greenhouse gases.
2. TCAG has taken a proactive role in the development of Transit Development Plans (TDPs). During the audit period, TCAG included TDP updates in its Overall Work Program for the transit operators. One city updated its TDP shortly before the audit period, and another is currently updating its TDP. Non-metro TDPs were developed in-house by an experienced former TCAG transit employee. Another significant transit document that was updated was the Tulare County Coordinated Transportation Plan.
3. The Transit Forum provides an ideal venue for TCAG to facilitate regional coordination with the transit systems. TCAG works with the transit operators to help them maintain compliance with the TDA by making adjustments where allowed under the law. TCAG staff have made strides to drive the standardization of transit service delivery through more coordination among the local jurisdictions to make it easier for the riding public.
4. Technology plays a significant role in TCAG’s ability to provide coordination efforts. TCAG hired a Planning Technician who is very tech savvy and initiated the Google Transit search engine that is available for all the transit operators. Other technology-oriented initiatives are also in use, such as the revamped TCAG website and social media to provide alerts and updated news.
5. TCAG updated the definitions of unmet transit needs and reasonable to meet in March 2014 with the addition of performance measures. In February 2016, TCAG added more changes to provide clarity in the standards to be used in determining unmet transit needs that are reasonable to meet and to incorporate Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) conformity regulations in the definitions…….