Request for Proposals for Preparation of Program EIR for TCAG 2018 RTP


Sample from RFP:
I. Introduction to the Request for Proposals (RFP)
The Tulare County Association of Governments (TCAG), as the Metropolitan Planning Organization and the Regional Transportation Planning Agency (RTPA) for Tulare County, is requesting proposals from qualified consultants for a) preparation of a Program-level Environmental Impact Report (PEIR) for the 2018 Tulare County Regional Transportation Plan (RTP)/Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS) (referred to herein as “2018 RTP”), and the Alternative Planning Strategy (APS), if necessary; b) preparation of a Health Impact Assessment; and c) additional on-call environmental services (as needed) in support of the 2018 RTP/SCS update process. Any firm responding to this solicitation is hereinafter referred to as a consultant. The objective of this RFP is to select a qualified consultant to enter into an agreement to perform the work described below, with an option to extend the agreement for up to three additional years for related on-call environmental services. A joint venture of firms or a single firm for all or part of the tasks described is acceptable to accomplish the anticipated Scope of Services outlined in Attachment A.
II. Scope of Services
Attachment A identifies the “Scope of Services.”
III. Selection Timeline
Tuesday, July 12, 2016
Distribution of Request for Proposals
Tuesday, August 9, 2016
Deadline for Written inquiries/questions
Thursday, August 25, 2016
Proposals Due to TCAG by 5:00 PM
Wednesday, September 14, 2016
Interviews (potential)
Monday, October 17, 2016
Consultant selection by TCAG Board (estimated)
Wednesday, November 16, 2016
Finalize Contract (estimated)
IV. Budget & Consultant Administration Responsibilities
1. Working meetings: Schedule and coordinate all necessary working meetings with TCAG project manager and Staff. See additional information related to work meetings in Attachment A, Scope of Services,
2. Budget: $140,000 is budgeted over FY16/17 and FY 17/18. Retention will be held for the preparation of the PEIR. Any additional related services, unforeseen as of the release of this RFP and requested by TCAG, will be paid up to an additional amount of $25,000 with written approval of TCAG and additional budget authority. Annual contract extensions will be permitted on an as needed basis for up to three years.
3. Invoices and progress reports: Invoices will be submitted at the end of each month for which there was project activity. All invoices must include a description of work completed, including the percent completed for each task, and the hourly rate and expenditures for each employee or subcontractor. Direct expenses should include receipts or an acceptable form of backup.
Request for Proposals July 2016
Environmental Impact Report for the 2018 Tulare County RTP/SCS