Calling all Consultants – Request for Proposals for 2017 City of Porterville Short Range Transit Plan

RFP Due Date: August 11, 2016

The Tulare County Association of Governments (TCAG) invites the submission of proposals by qualified consultants to prepare the City of Porterville’s 2017 Short Range Transit Plan (SRTP). This plan will provide a framework for the continuing development of transit services in Porterville over the next five years. The SRTP will include an operational analysis including fare structure, fare box ratio, and ridership figures for the system. The SRTP will evaluate future system scenarios and recommend equipment acquisitions while taking into account the economic feasibility, timing and locations of the fixed route service. The SRTP and supporting documents will develop goals, objectives, and performance standards as described in the 2016 Triennial Performance Audit, address any unmet needs, service impacts related to funding sources, or changes in service to meet federal and state requirements. The SRTP will evaluate transit provided and identify and quantify current unmet demands for services. The guiding document will also define the goals, objectives, and service standards of the system for a five-year period, creating a capital and financial plan for the transit system.

The selected consultant shall prepare a series of cost-effective service scenarios, and conclude with an implementation “blueprint”. The plan will be used by city leaders along with city staff to guide transit planning, policy making, programming and budgeting for transit activities throughout the five-year planning horizon. The SRTP will involve an extensive public involvement plan, a wide variety of stakeholders and user groups. Stakeholders will be kept involved during the development of the plan through traditional and social media, e-mails, surveys, and public workshops. The consultant will prepare the plan in conjunction with the City of Porterville Transit Manager and TCAG……