Support for STIP funds and other topics expressed by SJVPC at Valley Voice Trip

On March 1, 2017, 30 members of the eight-county San Joaquin Valley Policy Council (SJVPC) traveled to Sacramento to participate in the 7th annual Valley Voice Trip. The all-day event featured meetings with key transportation officials, staff and Central Valley legislative delegation members. TCAG was represented by Woodlake Mayor Rudy Mendoza who is serving as the Chairman of the Policy Council and Supervisor Kuyler Crocker. Topics covered included the three proposed transportation bills: SB-1, AB-1 and the Governor’s proposal. The SJVPC expressed its support for restoring critical funding for the State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) as it would immediately restore money taken from the Highway 99 widening project and other highway projects throughout the county. The STIP funding is the critical funding and leveraging component for the regional Measure R Projects. Instead of restoring the STIP, the new bills create a new program to fund goods movement projects through increases in transportation revenues, part of which would come from an increase in the gas tax. Other topics covered included relief from recent air quality regulations, cap and trade funding, Amtrak and interpretations on Federal exemptions to environmental review requirements.