Huge crowd for Porterville PD, Step-Up, and TCAG’s Bike Event!

Safety is #1 because you only get one body.  At Porterville’s PD’s event at the Walmart parking lot in Porterville, CA, in partnership with Step-Up which helps mentor kids and teens, TCAG helped put on a great bike rodeo. It included an obstacle course, a safety demonstration, brake demonstration, and a watermelon smashing with and without a helmet, with great interaction between law enforcement and the public.  The prime message we got out for the day was wear your helmet, wear it properly, get your brakes fixed and installed, ride with traffic and not against, and follow the law.  TCAG would like to remind everyone that biking is free exercise, great for your heart, and for the environment!  Thanks to all the other booths who showed up and helped sponsor the event, including Step-Up, Walmart, the Girl Scouts, Casa, the Tulare County Sheriff, and Family Care Network.