SR 99/SR 198 Gateways Truck Origin and Destination Study

In 2014, TCAG sponsored an origin and destination truck study along the State Route 99 (SR 99) and State Route 198 (SR 198) corridors in Tulare County. The purpose of this study was to gain statistical information on the origin and destination of heavy duty trucks traveling into and out of Tulare County, to better understand the types of cargo being transported by trucks, and to provide relevant data for future goods movement planning in Tulare County.  The information presented in this report will also benefit major industries in Tulare County and the San Joaquin Valley by providing statistics on truck distribution patterns, types of commodities, seasonal trends, and empty truck movements.


Although developing the survey instrument and conducting the survey in Excel improved the efficiency of both conducting the survey and summarizing the results, it provides very limited functionality when it came to summarizing and visualizing the data. Therefore, the raw survey data was imported into a dynamic data visualization software package called Tableau. Tableau helps to visualize, summarize and cross-classify data in multiple dimensions based on user input criteria. It also has built in GIS capability so the results can be mapped or summarized based on their geographic attributes. The package can be viewed with free publically available software called “Tableau Reader.” A great benefit of Tableau is the ability for individual users to create, change, and modify multi-dimensional tables, graphics, and charts that can be exported from Tableau.

SR 99/SR 198 Gateways Truck Origin and Destination Study – Final Survey  Tableau File   (Requires Tableau or Tableau Reader software)

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