Getting Around 

Finding the best route

When considering the best route, TCAG encourages you to first ask yourself the question if it is possible to get there without an automobile.  The Tulare County region is doing their best to clean up our air, and every person can truly make a difference.   

Walk & Bike

When walking or biking try using Google maps which will get you there in the most efficient manner.   Check out our interactive bike map for bike lanes and trails.  Remember to look both ways and follow these simple tips from AAA.


Schedule your route in an interactive map on for Desktop, Android, iPhone. Also check out Visalia Transit App and Porterville Transit App.  See our maps and schedule and fares here. Remember you can flag down TCAT in an area more than 1/2 mile from a bus stop,  and buses come every 15 minutes in some areas!


Please consider sharing your ride as well as trying to carpool.  More information is available at


Vanpooling is an effective alternative for commuting which saves commuters who drive more than 30 miles a day between $1500-$7500 annually vs. actual cost of driving.  Vanpooling is available to everyone.  To see if one is available to pick you up today, visit

Calculate your possible savings here.  


Check out free apps Waze, Google Maps, and Apple Maps for the most efficient route.  Planning your route efficiently will reduce carbon emissions and save you time.