Board of Governors

TCAG is dedicated to reducing printing costs and recognizes the benefits of using technology. In recognition of this effort to reduce costs of paper, printing, postage and mail delivery service, TCAG has initiated a “paperless” agenda process for the Tulare County Association of Governments and the Tulare County Transportation Authority Board Meetings.

Effective September 1, 2016, TCAG will no longer print and mail copies of the agenda.



The Board of Governors directs Tulare County Association of Governments (TCAG). This group is composed of one representative from each of the eight cities, five members of the County Board of Supervisors, and three members-at-large. These 16 members act as the Council of Governments, the Regional Transportation Planning Agency, the Tulare County Transportation Authority, and the Metropolitan Planning Organization. These members, plus the District Director of Caltrans, sit as the Policy Advisory Committee.

This body offers advice on issues that will be provided to the Board of Governors. The Transportation Authority is also directed by the TCAG Board, less the at-large TCAG Board members and Caltrans representative.

Archived Agendas and Minutes

Archived agendas are available here.

2018 TCAG/TCTA Board Meeting Dates and Locations (At-A-Glance)* 

* Pending approval at December 2017 Board Meeting

Upcoming TCAG Board Meetings & Agendas

Upcoming Technical Advisory Committee Meetings and Agendas

* Caltrans serves as an ex-officio member of the TCAG Policy Advisory Committee. At-large TCAG members and the Public Transit Provider representative are not members of the Tulare County Transportation Authority or Abandoned Vehicle Abatement Authority.


PositionNamePhone Email  
Executive Director
Ted Smalley(559) 623-0463 
Deputy Executive Director
Benjamin Kimball(559) 623-0455 
LAFCO Executive Officer
Ben Giuliani(559) 623-0456 
Principal Regional Planner
Roberto Brady(559) 623-0451 
Elizabeth Forte(559) 623-0466 
Engineer III
Britt L. Fussel(559) 623-0452 
Fiscal Manager
Leslie Davis(559) 623-0458 
Accountant II
Michele Boling(559) 623-0459 
Senior Regional Planner
Mark Hays(559) 623-0457 
Derek Winning(559) 623-0453 
Associate Regional Planner
Maria G. Garza(559) 623-0462 
Gabriel Gutierrez(559) 623-0465 
Steven Ingoldsby(559) 623-0454 
Barbara Pilegard(559) 623-0450 
Kasia Poleszczuk(559) 623-0461 
Regional Planner
Philip J. Shabanov(559) 623-0470 
Staff Services Analyst I
Brideget Moore(559) 623-0464 
Administrative Clerk
Wendy Gutierrez(559) 623-0467 
Amie Kane(559) 623-0460 
Transportation Planning Technician
Christopher Dickerson(559) 623-0450 
Joseph Widing(559) 623-0450 

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