2015-2019 Tulare County Coordinated Public-Human Services Transportation Plan

Federal regulations require a Coordinated Plan to be developed locally before certain federal funding can be awarded. The process to develop the current plan involved stakeholder coordination and input from public, private, and non-profit transportation providers, as well as human service providers.

TCAG is forming a Coordinated Plan Advisory Committee (CPAC). The purpose of this group will be to assess the needs of their local community and current transportation network, and provide recommendations to improve the mobility for individuals with disabilities, older adults and people with low incomes.

2015 Tulare County Coordinated Transportation Plan (not a draft)

Program Management Plan

Purpose of this Document
Each direct recipient is required to have an approved Program Management Plan (PMP)
on file with the appropriate FTA regional office and to update it regularly to incorporate
any changes in program management or new requirements. The PMP provides essential
information for the understanding and implementation of the Federal Transit
Administration (FTA) Section 5310 grant program managed and administered by the Tulare
County Association of Governments (TCAG).

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