Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) Scenarios

    The Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) is a 20-year planning document that TCAG updates at least once every four years. The RTP is the highest level and most comprehensive planning document prepared by TCAG. The 2018 RTP will outline transportation improvements and other related planning elements through the year 2042. Planned transportation improvements must be financially constrained, based on funding estimates, and performance measures should be defined. Elements of the RTP include: the Executive Summary, Policy Element, Action Element, Financial Element, Sustainable Communities Strategy, and a Valley-wide Chapter. There are also several associated documents and plans required such as Air Quality Conformity, the Regional Active Transportation Plan, the Regional Transit Plan, the Cross Valley Corridor Plan, and the Environmental Impact Report (EIR).

    As part of the Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS) process, three growth scenarios are being developed to compare how different growth influences and policies can impact greenhouse gas emissions and the transportation system. This scenario becomes the foundation of the SCS analysis that complements the RTP. The three different proposed scenarios are listed below. Take part in the decision by completing the survey below.

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    Trend Scenario_for_Wendy 1


    Blueprint_for_Wendy 3

    Blueprint Plus

    Blueprint Plus Scenario


    Trend Scenario_Spanish


    Blueprint_Spanish Revised

    Blueprint Mas

    Blueprint Plus Scenario_Spanish