Regional Housing Needs Assessment

Goal of RHNA
The major goal of the RHNA is to assure a fair distribution of housing among cities and counties, so that every community provides an opportunity for a mix of housing affordable to all economic segments. The housing allocation targets are not building requirements, but goals for each community to accommodate through appropriate planning policies and land use regulations.

Allocation targets are intended to assure that adequate sites and zoning is made available to address anticipated housing demand during the planning period and that market forces are not inhibited in addressing the housing needs of all economic segments of a community

Statewide Housing Issues Mandate 
The Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) is part of a statewide mandate to address housing issues that are related to future growth in the Tulare County region. The RHNA allocates to cities and counties their “fair share” of the region’s projected housing needs by household income group over the five-year planning period of each jurisdiction’s housing element. The assessment is required by state law (Government Code, Section 65584 – see Appendix D).

The next RHNA cycle will begin with the preparation of the 2022 Regional Transportation Plan for Tulare County.