Measure R

MEASURE R… Making a Difference

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Leveraging Funds

Measure R has made so much possible, without it many infrastructure improvements, whether it be a road widening, freeway interchange, bike lane, or sidewalk, would simply not exist.  This is because Measure R has allowed the County to “Leverage,” allowing the County to pledge a percentage to receive a grant.  The County had a hard time doing this before the Measure.

Promises Made, Promises Kept

Statewide attention has been brought to Tulare County from Measure R.  With the half-cent sales tax, many projects were completed within 5 years that were on the 15 year timeline.  

Your tax dollars at work

Key to the success and future success of Measure R is the ability within the initiative to advance projects that are shovel-ready as funding becomes available.  Many of the projects would not have been possible in the foreseeable future without Measure R.  With Measure R anything is possible with our ability to leverage funds.