Traffic Counts & Monitoring

Improving Traffic Flow
Each year, Tulare County Association of Governments (TCAG) and its member agencies compile a list of 50 high-traffic intersections they would like monitored. The levels of service (LOS) for these intersections are evaluated and are graded on a scale of A-F.

For those intersections with failing or near failing grades, mitigation measures such as signalization, signal timing, and additional lanes are recommended as a means of improving the flow of traffic. These recommendations are compiled in what is known as the Transportation Monitoring Program.

Traffic Count Data

These tables contain current and historical traffic count data for Avenues and Roads in Tulare County.  The data is collected by TCAG, Caltrans, and the County of Tulare RMA.   The data is provided as 48-hour Average Daily Trips (ADT) or as Average Annual Daily Trips (AADT) as indicated.