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Measure R benefits our cities, our county, and most importantly, the citizens of Tulare County. Measure R has allowed for the construction and improvement of roads across Tulare County. It also provides funding for bus and pedestrian projects that help improve our air quality.

Take a look at how Measure R has improved the transportation where you live! 



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History of Measure R


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Measure R is a 1/2-cent transportation sales tax that was passed on November 7, 2006 by the residents of Tulare County that aides in providing necessary funding for Tulare County projects. The sales tax is expected to generate over $652 million is transportation funds over the next 30 years. Measure R funds are expended on Regional Projects, Local Programs, Transit/Bike/Environmental Projects and Administrations/Planning. Measure R serves as a boost to all the regional transportation needs throughout the County.


Who Benefits from Measure R?
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Centrally located within the State of California, Tulare County is situated in a delightful and geographically – diverse region. The County includes an area of 4,863 square miles. Mountain peaks of the Sierra Nevada range rise to more than 14,000 feet in its Eastern half. Meanwhile, the extensively cultivated and very fertile valley floor in the Western half, has allowed Tulare County to become the second-leading producer of agricultural commodities in the United States. In addition to substantial packing / shipping operations, light and medium manufacturing plants are increasing in number and are becoming an important factor in the County’s total economic picture.

The County has a growing population of 451,977. The Eastern half of the County is comprised primarily of public lands within the Sequoia National Park, National Forest, and the Mineral King, Golden Trout, and Domelands Wilderness areas. Opportunities for all-season outdoor recreation include: hiking, water and snow skiing, fishing, and boating.

Visalia, the County seat, is the gateway to Sequoia National Park and a variety of recreational activities. The city, with a population of 127,081 is within a four hour drive of either San Francisco or Los Angeles, and a 2-1/2 hour drive of California’s central coastline. Its family-oriented lifestyle and affordable housing have proven attractive to people from all areas of the state and country.